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Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Demo

Been playing with a set of the Nailbomb humbuckers from Bare Knuckle, with the intention of using them in a future build (the next one). I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to using bullshit terms for describing tone, and today I’m going with “thick” and “articulate”. There’s plenty of output, but its not excessive, and in with what seems to be Bare Knuckle biggest trait all the notes come though even under heavy gain. The alnico V bridge may be a bit too colourful in the mid range for some people, although this makes it absolutely fantastic for leads. The ceramic version may be a better choice for chunky rhythm, and I’m considering it for the next guitar.Here’s the set in my Ibanez:

Bare Knuckle Nailbomb Review

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