Repairs and Setup Work

I offer a full range of repair and set-up options for guitars and bass. From fret leveling and fitting new pickups, to mending broken necks.


Different levels of set-ups are available, every guitar will benefit from having some work done, especially factory made or well used instruments. Quite often a cheaper guitar can be made to play as well, if not better, than a much more expensive instrument does straight off the shelf.

The Basics (£40):

Tremolo/bridge adjustments (electric), contact points lubricated. Tuner heads tightened and torque adjusted. Truss rod adjusted for correct relief. Action set according to taste. Pickup heights set. Strap buttons re-threaded.

Intonation adjusted (electric). Any sharp fret ends filed down and all frets are given a basic polish. Fretboard oiled if necessary, and everything cleaned up.


The Business (£80):

Frets leveled, recrowned, and polished to a mirror sheen. Fret ends profiled, and fretboard edges rolled. Nut slots filed to correct width and height. Acoustic bridge saddle adjustments for action and intonation.

Plus everything included in the basics.

This level of attention to the neck is not normally seen outside of handmade or custom shop guitars and elevates an instrument to a professional standard.

Typical repair and upgrade prices:

  • Complete re-fret starts at £180. Full setup included.

  • Neck breaks start at £80, without refinishing.

  • New bone, horn, brass or graphite nut cut and polished. These are made completely by hand to perfectly fit your guitar. Starting at £35.

  • Pickup replacement £40 + parts (pickups can be ordered for you).

  • Cavity shielding £40 (copper and/or conductive paint).


Work done alongside a setup is discounted in price, same goes for having something like a switch and pots changed at the same time as a pickup swap. Common sense stuff.

Electrical work on traditional hollow/semi-hollow guitars (Casino, 335 etc) is an additional £20.

I maintain a stock of pots (Bourns, CTS), jacks (Switchcraft), toggle and blade switches, a selection of vintage capacitors, various nut and bridge materials, and many boxes of knobs, screws etc. Anything I don't have can be ordered for you within a matter of days.

Custom Guitar Comission

Have your guitar made the way you want. Specify as much or as little as you like and leave the rest up to me, from wood choices to fretboard radius, down to what colour the screws are. Base it on on existing design and add your own touches and hardware choices, or collaborate on a completely new shape and style. You will be provided with regular updates on progress via email, and lines of communication should you wish to make any changes along the way. Of course, all guitars come set up to your tastes, with perfectly leveled and dressed frets and will be in ideal playing condition on the day you take it home.

The initial consultation and quote is free. Once the build is agreed upon and I commit to building your instrument a deposit of £250 is required before ordering your woods and hardware.

A typical build can take 3 months, although this can be longer if the design is not  based around one of my existing guitars or if the finish requires a longer curing time.

All of my guitars include:


  • Completely handmade. No pre-made parts.

  • Premium hardwoods throughout. Typically ash, alder, bubinga, padauk, and mahogany for bodies. Maple and walnut tops. Many possible options not listed here, depending on availability.

  • Multi-laminate necks that are incredibly strong and resistant to warping. Typically maple or mahogany.

  • A variety of fretboard options, rosewood, ebony and maple being the most common.

  • Top quality hardware from companies such as Schaller, Hipshot, Sperzel. and Gotoh.

  • Your choice of pickups, I typically recommend Bare Knuckle and Seymour Duncan.

  • Custom wiring with hand selected pots, caps and switches.

  • A Gator or SKB hard case.


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