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  • Rob Parry


Not long completed work on this USA strat, the customer wanted some top tier electronics which included Bare Knuckle Mother's Milk single coils, and a Graphtech Ghost piezo system.

USA Strat with Ghost piezo system

The output is now stereo and will be used to power two separate amps. The controls have been kept to a minimum to keep things uncluttered, the magnetic pickups have a volume and a master tone, while the acoustic pickup has its own volume. The toggle switch is the Gilmour wiring mod which engages the neck pickup regardless of where the 5-way is positioned, this adds neck+bridge and all three pickups together as tonal options.

Trying to find a home for everything was a little tricky, the only routing required was for the battery, the pre-amp and wires were squeezed into the existing cavity.

As much I'd like to I cannot spend ages playing around with a customer's guitar, but I hope the demo below does this one justice, it really does sound fantastic. The acoustic bits are the Ghost, the clean part is all three pickups together and the lead part is the neck pickup alone.

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