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  • Rob Parry

Quarter Pounders

Refurbished a tele with some Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound pickups in it.

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Review

They sounded bloody awful with the stock electrics, 250k pots just do not work with these pickups. I didn’t want to go all the way to 500k and risk introducing any brittleness, so I tested my pots looking for a couple on the low side. Thanks to Göldo’s shitty quality control I happen to have several undercooked 500k pots, and a 440k worked out perfectly here.

I’m not fussed about the neck, it’s a little too dark for my tastes, although it does take gain very well. The bridge is great however, it’s a beast that can hold its own with many humbuckers in terms of output, and still has plenty of character despite its massive 17kΩ overwind.

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