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Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz Demo

Had a chance to play with this stunning Schecter Classic for a while today:

Seymour Duncan Review

It comes equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups as stock, a JB in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck. Along with DiMarzio (Tone Zone/Air Norton) and EMG (81/85) these Duncans are the most common aftermarket pickup combination that manufacturers stick in their guitars, and with good reason; they’re a classic with sounds to match. There’s a lot of brightness and treble with both of these humbuckers, and the cleans (which I neglected to record) are superb. The JB is a high output monster, without being muddy, plenty of clarity and bite is on offer with an upper mid-range honk which some people don’t like but it lends it a certain character. Similar alternatives to the JB would be the Holy Diver from BKP and the Hot Slag from Iron Gear, both at opposite ends of the price spectrum, I love all three. The Jazz is low/medium output humbucker, again with plenty of brightness, but lacking the flute-like overtones of something like a PAF or Mule, which is a shame.

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