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  • Rob Parry

Can't Be Bought

The D'aquisto is unusual in that it's a hollow jazz guitar made by Fender, not something you'd normally expect of them.

The above image is of the completed work, which kind of ruins any big reveal, but this one came in missing a pickguard. You can't find them anywhere to buy so I was going to need to make one.

All I had to work with was a reference picture that I pinched off Reverb, and a paper sketch/trace that the owner had gotten from another guy who owns one:

This thing has so much rosewood on it that the people at CITES are probably scrambling to reinstate the ban whilst frothing at the mouth. So rosewood and cream binding was the order of the day, and I wanted to find something that closely matched the parts in grain and colour, unlike the reference image above.

And this is why I don't let customers "pick out" wood for projects, my powers of pursuasion have limits and nobody would choose this willingly:

Rough sawn, dried out rosewood looks like something that was washed up on a beach. I knew the grain was pretty close to the knobs and tailpiece, but having finished a piece off this board some time back I suspected it was going to be a shade more pink than the other parts - I just had to have faith that it was close enough.

The binding was fiddly, there's a tight concave section that required liberal use of the heat-gun, and I didn't trust acetone on a piece this small so CA glue (superglue) was the libation of choice.

Good enough.



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