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  • Rob Parry

Bare Knuckle Warpigs Demo

A good customer of mine wanted some brutal, and uncompromising pickups for his Gibson SG. After talking over the options he went with a custom order from BKP:

BKP Warpigs in a Gibson SG

Warpigs are one of the more extreme pickups in the Bare Knuckle range, heavily overwound with powerful magnets they produce massive output, with thick dark, and saturated tones. These particular ones have battleworn camo covers,with nickel hex bolts, and a ceramic magnet in the bridge with an alnico V in the neck. The bridge pickup has fantastic bass response, with a grindy mid-range, while the neck is surpisingly smooth while still sharing the same overall character.

Stephen was kind enough to record a demo of them in action:

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