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  • Rob Parry

The Mule

Breaking the regular schedule of doing sketchy Hendrix/Mayer impressions I'm actually playing something with humbuckers this time. This Les Paul Standard has a set of Bare Knuckle Mules, which are one of their most acclaimed and popular pickups.

Bare Knuckle "The Mule" Demo

The guys at Bare Knuckle took a '59 PAF apart and replicated what they found; Alnico IV magnets and asymmetric coils of enamel wire wound to 7.3kΩ (neck)and 8.4kΩ (bridge). The magnet choice gives a slightly squishy low end and smooths off the highs, which ultimately makes the guitar sound old, in the best possible way. There's plenty of overtones and harmonic character in the midrange which lends itself perfectly to dirty cleans and singing leads.

Edit: Had to re-upload this due to some issues with the recording.

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