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  • Rob Parry

Tune-o-matic Lockdown

Replacement tune-o-matic bridges with locking posts are a very popular aftermarket mod, not only do they prevent the posts from turning (and accidentally changing string height) but they also help vibration transfer from the strings through to the body.

While changing hardware on a Gibson from chrome to nickel, I decided I'd like to keep the locking posts, of course this was decided after the order had already arrived. Rather than returning a perfectly good bridge I got to thinking I could install my own locking screws.

This is a Gotoh nashville, and what it needs is some holes. 2.5mm holes that are then carefully threaded to take 3mm grub screws like those on the right.

Like a glove.

I'm now offering this as a service, an alternative to replacing the entire unit.

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