• Rob Parry

Winter Wood

This isn't a reference to what I wake up with when the weather turns cold, but rather a delivery of choice timbers that turned up today, including this rippled loveliness:

The quilting is quite tight and there's some flames in there as well. Speaking of which:

Ignore the outline, this is actually half the thickness of the other one and will be making a non-thinline Sovereign. I've also gotten hold of some of the lightest Swamp Ash I've ever had, some of which will be going into a featherweight Sentinel build at some point. Birds eye maple and some seriously dark and heavy ebony fretboard material too:

Due to an unseasonal amount of repair and setup work recently (nobody is saving pennies for xmas apparently) the current Domino build is only about 3 months overdue now. At least it's got frets in it:


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