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  • Rob Parry

Domino Preview

RLP Domino

English walnut top, the figuring at the bottom is technically "marble cake" I believe, but after book-matching it looks like a water fountain to me. A few small changes to make, namely a recess for the Schaller 2-point tremolo. I want to sink the neck so the bottom of the fretboard is flush to the body, this normally isn't possible with guitars of this type if you want the trem to work correctly (or at all), and having the bridge floating 10mm off the body ruins the aesthetics something fierce.


The neck is almost ready to go on, it's much easier to work with when it is still separate. It has been radiused and the inlays completed. They're aluminium rings with rosewood inserts, and a couple of brass dots at the 12th. They're remarkably easy to see in low lighting which is an interesting and unplanned bonus feature.

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