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  • Rob Parry

Casino Renewed

Had a Casino in for a fret level, and a new bone nut. Turns out it also needed a new bridge, the stock Epiphone ones have adjustment screws that rattle and buzz like crazy.

Guitar Repair

This guitar is much loved and has had plenty of play time, you know fret wear is bad when you can see it from 3 feet away. Before and after:

Epiphone make pretty nice 335/339 and Casino type guitars, sure they have issues but its nothing that can’t be put right. As with all cheaper guitars they come out of the factory needing a setup (inc. fretwork), and in most cases the bridge, nut and pickups will need replacing at least. Even after all of that you’re still going to be £1000 short of the full-fat Gibson price tag. I’d take a well setup Epiphone with some Bare Knuckles in it and a grand in my pocket over a Gibson any day of the week.

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