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Sentinel part IV

Frets are in, leveled, crowned and slot gaps have been filled with glue and ebony dust. The neck pocket turned out to be damn near perfect so it seemed wrong to do anything except pin and glue the neck (I was considering bolt-on).

I wanted to get the neck pickup as close to the 24th fret as possible, it just sounds better that way due to the harmonic nodes of the string. The end of the fretboard is very short and the neck is flush with the pickup pocket. Those extra rout channels are for pole screws and wiring, as the body is so thin I have to make the most of the space I have available.

Grounding a hard tail bridge:

Drill a shallow 5mm under the bridge plate, just deep enough for a screw head. Then drill a 3mm hole diagonally into either the pickup pocket or the control cavity itself. Both holes are visible here:

Custom Guitar Build

Run a strip of copper tape across where the bridge lies, then feed a small piece of wire through the hole and screw both the wire end and the tape down together:

Custom Guitar Build

With the bridge in placed temporarily it is completely invisible. The 2nd screw acts as a grounding point for when I coat the pickup cavity with conductive paint.

Custom Guitar Build

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