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  • Rob Parry

Fender 57/62 Demo

The Classic Player line are superb guitars, comparable to USA standards for a little less money.

Fender 57/62 Review

There are two different types, ’50s and the ’60s, the main differences being the maple board, V neck carve and 9.5″ radius on the ’50s vs the rosewood board, C carve and 12″ radius on the ’60s. Apart from the neck further differences become apparent when you plug them in, the pickups in the ’60s are CS69s and there are CS57/62 in the ’50s. Strangely the ’50s has locking tuners where the ’60s does not, both sets look like vintage Klusons however.

The 57/62’s sound authentic to ’50s era single coils and that means there’s a lot of sparkle, and can sound brittle with the wrong amp settings, the “woody” tone of later pickups is absent leaving just pure vintage twang and clarity. That said, if these sound like your bag, then go for Duncan SSL-1s instead, they do the same thing but with more refinement, and they're cheaper.

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