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Sentinel part III - Trust Issues

I decided on a 45° bevel all around rather than rounding over, considering the body is so thin it suits it quite well. As my router and I aren’t seeing eye to eye (I had massive tear out on a fretboard end grain) I did this by hand.

Custom Guitar Build

Did the cavities too (router forgiven out of necessity), front and back and the channel for the jack on the underside. This bubinga is brutal on tools, it routs OK and scrapes nicely but its a nightmare to plane and drill. Given the grain structure I can understand the planing issues but drill bits just don’t cut well at all, I could flash boil a little deli pot of water with my 20mm forstner bit when doing the jack socket channel.

Custom Guitar Build

The tone knob is going to be a DiMarzio push/push for coil splitting, and is quite tall, so I’ve only got 3mm of clearance to work with. Since I make my covers out of wood and they’re recessed it’s going to be tight! Not going to be able to use magnets for fixings this time. Neck goes on next.

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