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March 13, 2019



I've had some interesting repair jobs over the last few months.


This Kiso Suzuki is just about 50 years old, hand made in Japan. Many of their guitars are copies of US made instruments (there was legal action), and while this one is very D45-esque it more than holds its own and sounds fantastic.



Due to its age there was naturally plenty of wear and tear, though nothing that couldn't be fixed. New frets (Jescar Evo Gold mediums), new bone nut and saddle, and bone bridge pins. Gotoh 510 tuners replaced the old ones, if anyone fancies new 3 per side non-locking tuners I highly recommend these.


Images can be clicked for larger versions:


 This Les Paul Custom has some history. From the early days of Siouxsie and the Banshees, I believe their 2nd guitarist owned this, and it saw plenty of action. However since then it has hung on a wall for quite literally decades.



It needed a new bridge which had to be aged so it didn't look out of place as seen above, plus some new frets (nickel silver Gibson medium jumbos), as the old ones we're the "fretless wonder" wire Gibson used in the 70s, and that was before they got worn down. Also a new bone nut, before and after shots below.


I had to replace the pots, while keeping everything else as original as possible. As well touching up the paint work around a very old neck repair, there were ridges and pieces falling off of it.


Finally a neck repair on a 335, which is fairly routine but this was a bad one, and quite literally flapping as it was only held on by the veneer on the front and the truss rod cover. Normally I'm instructed to "just make it playable again" and mostly ignore refinishing due to the cost, however this one was requested to be as nice as possible and damn the expense:


  That'll do.



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