While setups are best done in person, not everyone lives near to someone offering the service. All you need to do is ensure that your guitar reaches me and I'll take care of everything else including its return delivery. A hard case is required for this service.

Guitar/Bass Setup via Courier Service

    • Frets leveled, recrowned, and polished to a mirror sheen.
    • Fret ends profiled.
    • Fretboard edges rolled.
    • Neck de-glossed if required.
    • Re-strung with your choice of gauge.
    • Nut slots filed to correct width and height.
    • Intonation adjusted.
    • Tremolo/bridge adjustments, knife edges sharpened, contact points lubed.
    • Truss rod adjusted for correct relief.
    • Action set to taste, 1.6mm across all strings is my standard setup.
    • Pickup heights set. 
    • Fretboard oiled and everything cleaned up.